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What make Golang is an exceptional Language?

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Published on Mar 22, 2021

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Do you love Programming.

Do you want a simple programming language that compiles fast? That runs fast? That makes it easy to distribute your work to users? Then you’re ready for Go!

Go is a programming language that focuses on simplicity and speed. It’s simpler than other languages, so it’s quicker to learn. And it lets you harness the power of today’s multicore computer processors, so your programs run faster. This will show you all the Go features that will make your life as a developer easier, and make your users happier.

Ready, set, Go!

Back in 2007, the search engine Google had a problem. They had to maintain programs with millions of lines of code. Before they could test new changes, they had to compile the code into a runnable form, a process which at the time took the better part of an hour. Needless to say, this was bad for developer productivity.

So Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson sketched out some goals for a new language:

  • Fast compilation
  • Less cumbersome code
  • Unused memory freed automatically (garbage collection)
  • Easy-to-write software that does several operations simultaneously (concurrency)
  • Good support for processors with multiple cores

After a couple years of work, Google had created Go: a language that was fast to write code for and produced programs that were fast to compile and run. The project switched to an open source license in 2009. It’s now free for anyone to use. And you should use it! Go is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its simplicity and power.

If you’re writing a command-line tool, Go can produce executable files for Windows, macOS, and Linux, all from the same source code. If you’re writing a web server, it can help you handle many users connecting at once. And no matter what you’re writing, it will help you ensure that your code is easier to maintain and add to.

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